Dust Cap Type Dust Cap Color Connector Type Connector Color Boot Type Boot Color Crimping Type
Standard Transparent PC 0.9mm SX Blue Standard Blue Standard ψ1.8
Full-Cover Blue PC 0.9mm DX Begie Short Boot Green Standard ψ2.0
DustCap with Chain Green APC 0.9mm SX Green   Black Standard ψ2.1
  Black APC 0.9mm DX Black   White Standard ψ2.8
  White PC 2.0/3.0mm SX Aqua   Gray Standard ψ3.0 
  Gray PC 2.0/3.0mm DX Red   Red SC Crimp with Black Shrink Tube
  Red APC 2.0/3.0mm SX Magenta   Brown Teeth Crimp ψ1.7
  Brown APC 2.0/3.0mm DX White   Orange Teeth Crimp ψ2.0
  Orange       Pink Teeth Crimp ψ3.0
  Pink       Yellow  
  Yellow       Aqua  
  Aqua       Magenta  
  Magenta       Beige  


Cable Type Cable OD Jacket Color Jacket Material Fiber Type
Simplex 0.6mm Blue PVC SM G652D
Duplex fig 8 0.9mm Green LSZH SM G655
Duplex fig 0 1.7mm Black Hytrel SM G657 A1
4C 1.8mm White   SM G657 A2
6C 2.0mm Gray   SM G657 B
8C 2.1mm Red   MM OM1 62.5/125
12C 2.7mm Brown   MM OM2 50/125
24C 2.8mm Orange   MM OM3 50/125
48C 3.0mm Pink   MM OM4 50/125
(0.9mm) Loose Tube   Yellow   SMF28 Ultra
(0.9mm) Tigthbuffer   Aqua    
(0.9mm) Semi-Tigthbuffer   Magenta    


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