FC Connector

● Low insertion loss and back reflection loss. 
● High Precision of Mechanical Dimensions. 
● Compliant with Telcordia GR-326-Core, IEC, TIA. 
● RoHS compliant. 
● 100% Optic test.

Technical Specification
● Compliance Telcordia GR-326-CORE. 
● Compliance IEC 61754-13 sectional specification.
● The Reliability and Environment test is based on EIA/TIA455 Standard.

Dust Cap Type Dust Cap Color Connector Type Connector Color Boot Type Boot Color Crimping Type
Standard Blue PC 0.9 SX
(Narrow Key=2.0mm)
Metal Standard(Bellcore Type) Blue Standard ψ1.8
DustCap with Chain Green PC 0.9 SX
(Wide Key=2.1mm)
  Rubber Short Boot 0.9mm Green Standard ψ2.0
  Black APC 0.9 SX
(Narrow Key=2.0mm)
  Rubber Short Boot 2.0/3.0mm Black Standard ψ2.1
  White APC 0.9 SX
(Wide Key=2.1mm)
    White Standard ψ2.8
  Gray PC 2.0/3.0mm SX
(Narrow Key=2.0mm)
    Gray Standard ψ3.0
  Red PC 2.0/3.0mm SX
(Wide Key=2.1mm)
    Red FC Crimp with Black Shrink Tube
  Brown APC 2.0/3.0mm SX
(Narrow Key=2.0mm)
    Brown Teeth Crimp ψ1.7
  Orange APC 2.0/3.0mm SX
(Wide Key=2.1mm)
    Orange Teeth Crimp ψ2.0
  Pink       Pink Teeth Crimp ψ3.0
  Yellow       Yellow  
  Aqua       Aqua  
  Magenta       Magents  


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