LC Connector

● Low insertion loss and back reflection loss. 
● Push / Pull mechanism 
● Compliant with Telcordia GR-326-Core, IEC, TIA. 
● RoHS compliant. 
● 100% Optic test.

Technical Specification
● Compliance Telcordia GR-326-CORE. 
● Compliance IEC 61754-20 Sectional specification. 
● The Reliability and Environment test is based on EIA/TIA455 Standard.

Dust Cap Type Dust Cap Color Connector Type Connector Color Boot Type Boot Color Crimping Type Clip Type
Standard Blue PC uniboot Blue Standard Blue Standard ψ1.4  SX Blue
Full-Cover Green APC uniboot Green Short Boot Green Standard ψ1.7  SX Green
DustCap with Chain Black PC uniboot
(Push/ Pull available)
Beige Bendable Boot Black Standard ψ1.8  SX Beige
  White APC uniboot
(Push/ Pull available)
Black 45° Boot White Standard ψ2.0 SX Black
  Gray PC 0.9mm SX Aqua 90° Boot Gray Standard ψ2.1 SX Aqua
  Red PC 0.9mm DX Magenta   Red Standard ψ2.4 SX Magenta
  Brown APC 0.9mm SX     Brown Standard ψ2.8 SX Transparent
  Orange APC 0.9mm DX     Orange Standard ψ3.0 DX Blue
  Pink PC 2.0/3.0mm SX     Pink LC Crimp with White Shrink Tube DX Green
  Yellow PC 2.0/3.0mm DX     Yellow LC Crimp with Yellow Shrink Tube  DX Beige
  Aqua APC 2.0/3.0mm SX     Aqua Teeth Crimp ψ1.7 DX Black
  Magenta APC 2.0/3.0mm DX     Magenta Teeth Crimp ψ1.8 DX Aqua
          Beige Teeth Crimp ψ2.0 DX Magenta
            Teeth Crimp ψ2.1 DX Transparent


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